Week 16, Post 1: Planning Your Future Strategy

Which social media platform have you enjoyed using the most? The enthusiasm or lack there of for a type of media is often shared along with the posts we write. This class gave you an opportunity to experiment with a variety of them. Now you can focus in on what seems the most effective ones to use.I really enjoyed working with both Facebook and Instagram. It was really cool to make a fictional business and promote it through visual media and made-up events, etc. I also liked connecting with other businesses on both platforms, even if it's just as simple as a page like, or a follow. I liked that I could use my own dog in some of my postings as well, since being a fellow dog owner is relevant - and helpful - to my business. One of my Instagram posts, for instance, featured my dog enjoying a birthday cupcake from a local business called Dexter's Deli. I tagged them in the post and they liked my post and shared it! It was neat to be able to engage like that with a similar, real li…

Week 15, Post 2: Facebook Analytics Review

After reviewing my weekly insights for Bar K's Facebook page, I did notice some activity. Keep in mind, I have not been very active on there over the past week or two, due to the holidays. I had 2 new page likes, 9 new views, and 3 new page follows. It might be due to this class having to engage with my page, but I find it pretty cool that the page does get at least a little bit of traffic, even when no content has been recently posted.

Week 15, Post 1: Optimizing Yourself and the Company

The Google Analytic features that would be most useful for my business' website would be the following:

Traffic Reporting: I would like to know how many people are visiting my site each day. This will be help me decide if I need to work on getting more people interested in my site.

Keyword Referrals: Knowing what keywords people are searching for when they are looking for my business and businesses like mine.

Tracking User Activity: It would be helpful for me to know how many people are signing up for a monthly subscription to use our facility (monthly payment to allow their dog unlimited access to our dog park, etc). It would also be good to know who is signing up for our email newsletters and whatnot.

Week 14, Post 1: Developing online Advertising

An ad objective is the main goal you have in mind when creating and publishing an ad. What is the purpose of your advertisement? Are you trying to get people to purchase your product or use your service? Are you trying to spread awareness about your business? The three general objectives of an ad are to persuade, inform, or remind. These are all things to keep in mind when creating an ad.

I have created 3 potential ads for my business, BarK San Diego. My objective with my first two ads is to inform about what my business has to offer. This will hopefully develop foot traffic to my physical location (though in this case, my business is fictional), which is my end goal. I want to get people interested in my services, and am using the general-fondness for the holidays as a hook. I want to make people feel like they can be part of something bigger by giving them a sense of community. In my third ad, I am experimenting with promoting a physical product.  It would be good for my business t…

Week 13, Post 2: Facebook Ad Options

I would follow the principles of good design by utilizing appealing photos with good lighting and composition. As My favorite ads are those that are simplistic with a lot of contras but little text. This design works well with social media ads especially, because it gets people's attention. Both banner ads and more complex social media ads would be easy to do - as I have discussed previously, people love dog photos.

Facebook has an array of different advertising types. These include:

- Video Ads
- Photo Ads
- Slideshow Ads
- Carousel Ads
- Canvas Ads
- Dynamic Product Ads

(Research courtesy of

Of these ads, I would probably utilize photo ads the most. I want to stay pretty consistent with my business, and simple intriguing photos is my thing. Photos ads increase brand awareness and inform people without overloading them with information. If done right, they can draw the attention of a scroller, and intrigue them enough to clic…

Week 13, Post 1: Online Advertising - Analysis of the Marketplace

This week I chose 5 businesses to compare an analysis of online marketing. The businesses are as follows:

Bar K Dog Bar (Kansas City, MO)
Bark Bar (Little Rock, AR)
Mutts Canine Cantina (Dallas, TX)
Yard Bar (Austin, TX)
The Watering Bowl (Denver, CO)

Surprisingly (yet not-so-surprisingly), all of these businesses do a fantastic job of social advertising. The business of a dog-bar is really social advertising-friendly: it is easy to engage customers because the business model is a fun one. All of these business successfully advertise events, menus, merch and more. They all have a decent social media following and engagement. Imagery is by far the most effective for advertising a business like this. I found it interesting that nearly all of these businesses stick with large focal photos of dogs and/or pictures of their facility right off the bat. They use bright colors and large (usually white) text to draw people in. Their calls to action are to "come on down" to visit them, or to…