Week 5, Post 1: Defining your Target Market

For this assignment, I chose Subway and Hungry Bear Deli. Both are sandwich companies, one corporate, and one local. 
The target market for Subway are younger people. They advertise as healthy and “fresh”, and keep their website pretty simple, with appealing photos of young people enjoying sandwiches and smiling, and bold text. Younger people are more health conscious, and therefor value being able to get “fast food” that can accommodate a healthier lifestyle. Subway plays off of this pretty well. Younger people enjoy simpler websites that get to the point, and Subway provides that as well. 
Hungry Bear Deli’s website is a bit similar to Subway’s, with larger bold text and appealing photos. However, they cater more towards local Californians, and possibly an older target market who value community. While they advertise “fresh” ingredients, their food is a little less health-conscious (or at least less advertised that way - see the delicious patty melt on their home page), and the pho…

Week 4, Post 2: Frequently Visited Websites

I do find myself online quite a bit, though it's mostly just google searching. The top website I find myself using the most is definitely Amazon, without a doubt. Amazon's website is effective because it is basically tailored to you as an individual. It keeps track of what you search for, what you like, and what you have purchased in the past. It knows what products to show you, and it does it in a fluid way. It also has a section to "purchase again" making it incredibly simple to click and buy things you may need again. Amazon's website is very simple, with an obvious search bar, engaging photos, and plenty of tabs. The color scheme is easy-going and appealing. I come back to Amazon again and again, mostly because they make it so incredible easy to shop (the 1-click purchase, with 1-2 day free shipping is so easy it's dangerous). They have all of my payment methods and addresses on file, and also have some of the most amazing customer service I have ever exp…

Week 4, Part 1: Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

Having a good website is one of the most important aspects of having a successful business. It is a way to introduce and engage your potential clients to your product, thus putting time and effort into it will make all the difference. For this assignment, the websites that were least appealing to me were,, and

I chose these for a number of different reasons, but largely because of one word: clutter. Clutter is perhaps the biggest turn off when it comes to viewing a website. Yes, having a decent amount of information about your product/service is important, but there is an art to displaying it in an appealing way. I immediately felt overwhelmed when viewing these sites, especially This could be improved by spreading the information across different pages, and not having all of it be displayed immediately on their home pages.

The second issue is the color and font choices. I really did not l…

Week 3: Blogs I've Commented On

Week 3, Part 2: 5 Business Examples

5 Businesses that Utilize Social Media:
Veterinary Specialty Hospital of North County Facebook: 482 Likes 490 Follows, 2,219 Check-Ins. Last post: 4 hours ago (9/4) Instagram: 3,050 Followers, 803 Posts. Last post: 7 hours ago (9/4) Twitter: 317 Followers, 547 Tweets, 110 Likes. Last post: 9/3 Youtube: 215 Subscribers. Last post: 1 month ago LinkedIn: 1,539 Followers. Last post: 2 months ago
Overall, social media is being utilized well. Facebook and Instagram seem to be the most used. 
LLL Reptile & Supply Co. Facebook: 116,035 Likes, 115,932 Follows. Last post: 8/31 Instagram: 34.2K Followers, 922 Posts. Last post: 1 day ago (9/2) YouTube: 80,591 Subscribers. Last post: 3 months ago Pinterest: 1,322 Followers. Last post: Not sure
Instagram is most used. Very high social media presence. 
Smitty’s Downtown Facebook: 917 Likes, 920 Follows, 11,388 Check-Ins. Last post: 8/9
The only verified social media…

Week 3, Part 1: Communication - Business & Consumer

The companies that impress me the most are always those with impeccable/fast customer service; ones that go above and beyond to at least try to listen and resolve my issue are the ones that get the real points. I find myself most unhappy when I  am made to feel like an inconvenience, or am unable to communicate with a real person or find the solutions I need in a timely manner.  
One example of is Discover, my prior student loan lender. Discover had never impressed me due to long wait times on hold, and difficulty connecting with a customer service representative. I also feel passed around from department to department every time I call, and the customer service was very hollow and impersonal. I have never attempted to connect with them via social media, though perhaps I should have. I have since switched my loans over to Earnest, which is has amazing customer service - a representative texted me as soon as I was approved to make sure I did not have any additional questions. No robot…

Week 2 Part 2

These are the blogs I commented on this week: